Camera Tripods for dSLR

dSLR with telephoto lens

Photographer’s Art

The world of photography requires a certain level of skill. Photography is a craft that you learn. And it covers a multitude of different areas, each of which each help to enhance a photographers skills.

In this age of digital cameras and mobile phones, the fundamentals of photography don’t change; composition, light, camera techniques are all integral to becoming a good photography.

Mobile Phone Cameras

Mobile phones have come a long way and the software is what makes them truly remarkable. And they get better and more capable with easy iteration.

However mobile phones are really just for taking snaps, they’ve replaced the old Polaroid cameras of years ago. It’s the software in these phones that is responsible for the owner to take better shots with limited experience.

The software decides what’s in front of it and adjusts settings to fulfill that objective. And very clever they are too. Like scanning for eyes and focusing on these, waiting for a face to smile (the white teeth) then automatically pressing the shutter release button. The list goes on.

cellphone camera

Limitations of the Smartphone

As clever as these techniques might be, it’s the software that’s in control and for most people that’s fine and perfectly adequate. But just as possessing a word processor first doesn’t make you a writer, the same is true for a smartphone camera or a camera set to auto – it doesn’t necessary make you a photographer.

But Just as becoming writer takes time and skill, the same is true for a photography. You have to learn then hone these skills. And when you do – you jump to a whole different level. You become in control and you create the shot.


Becoming a Photographer

In order to master your craft you need a suitable camera that puts you in control (Anatomy of a camera) And you need to become familiar and comfortable using it.

A camera is only one part, the other part is the lens. Lens go from cheap to ridiculously expensive. But there are reasons for this and you can read more here Lenses.

Once you understand and have mastered your camera and lenses and what they do and how they work together – a journey in itself. You then have to learn about composition and light. These are big areas in themselves and haven’t really changed since the very beginning of photography. Master these and you will never take a bad photograph again, even on a mobile phone because these skills are timeless.

photographer with tripod

Camera Tripod

We then move to sundry items, which although not initially required add to the photographers stock in trade. Camera Tripods These are indispensable and are a must for studio work and are beneficial to the landscape photographer.

Flash Units

Lights, be they flash guns or light boxes, these are for close up work. They allow you, the photographer to control the light and paint a picture. They allow you to create the mood and overall feel of the picture.


Photography covers a broad range of different areas. Still life, sports photography, studio photography, wildlife photography. And within each category there are sub categories. But it’s you the photography that matters, those photographic skills that created his or her style. Something wonderful happens when you get there before you take photographs that you want to take, that you want to create.

That’s when you become in control and become a skilled photography. Always learning but always creating.


African Sculptures

Christmas Stone Sculpture

Well Christmas has come and gone and a wonderful time was had by all my family. We came together at my brother’s country lodge one Christmas day and all of us helped with the preparations.

All working together makes things easier and time seems to fly by when working and catching up old new and a little gossip. Leaving plenty of time to enjoy Christmas dinner together and just chill in my brother’s big old comfy chairs.

Shona Sculpture

Then it was time for presents to be opened. I have a tough time choosing presents for my brother and his wife, so I search the internet for ideas. I came across this site Shona Sculpture And I thought “why not?”

The present I bought was a sculpture, A stone sculpture from Africa. Zimbabwe to be precise. It’s a mother and child arrangement and it’s so appealing. Because it’s something that can be put in the garden as well.

Well I’m pleased to say my brother and his wife simply loved it. I was so pleased. Pleased that I’d found something that they really both liked.

Time for a Stone Sculpture for me

I really liked it too, so I’ve asked my partner to go to the same place (Stone garden Sculpture) And get one for my birthday, which in a few months time. However I’ll do the choosing and he can do the paying (need to get our priorities sorted out of course)

I already know what I want and where it will go. In the garden on the patio in between our two acer trees. And I know roughly the color stone I want out to be, something greenish brown. Subject matter, well that’s easy an animal form would work best for me.

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